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UMS (Ultimate Members System) is a new members system for WebPlus X5 and X6. It allows you to allocate pages or groups of pages to individual members, so that only the allocated users can view the contents of the pages you give them access to. You can also set pages to be visible to all members.

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Example of how the access works

You can use the system to create groups of pages that each user can view. You can allocate more than one group of pages to any user or just one user. You can add more pages to or remove pages from each group whenever  you wish. You can also set pages that can be viewed by all members without having to add them to a group of pages. You can also make pages purchasable and they can contain a download file, image, tutorial, music or a video, in fact any content you can put on a web page.

What can I use it for?

Create Members Only Pages

Create pages that can be viewed by any registered member

Create Groups of Pages

Create groups of pages that only members you give access to can view

Create Purchasable Pages

Create pages that can be purchased by members, and added to their account automatically

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